St James Tower, Didsbury

Didsbury Ringers


Welcome to the website of the bell ringers of St James Tower, Didsbury.

Change ringing is often heard by passers-by who give little thought to how that sound is produced. There is so much more to ringing than you might think and this most traditional of English pastimes challenges and rewards you in many different ways.

Ringing under COVID

Ringing is slowly getting back to normal with the lifting of government COVID lockdown restrictions.

However, ringing takes place in an enclosed space (the tower) and involves many people ringing different bells during the course of the practice, so is vulnerable to COVID transmission via aerosol. This means that, while ringing is now allowed, it must be done under strict conditions - compulsory mask, hand sanitisation plus a mandatory Lateral Flow test before ringing. At the time of writing, visitors are not allowed into towers.

Tower Life

We ring the bells at St James for Sunday morning worship, for weddings and for special occasions and we practice every Tuesday evening starting at 7.30pm, followed by a "technical debrief" in a local pub.

Change ringing has a great social side and is organised at

  • local level (Lancashire Association of Change Ringers)
  • national level (Central Council of Bell Ringers).
  • For more information about these organisations, click on the links.